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14 Beautiefeuered f om true vertue is totecoxtemred. Tulchriue eft Petting our hearts on that inward beautieofthemind which puaintnmc, íl__ confiffeth in vertue,and the fánélifying giftsof Gods Spirit, tudminicalut, andonthatgloriousbeautie ,whichfhalladorneoutbodies hoc /tadÿeft. and Cowles in the kingdome ofGod ; for as this beautie is in Petrarcb. it (elfe ten thoufand times more excellent then the other, fo fhallitbeofeuerlalling continuance; for old age can neuer make any wrinckles in the face ofvertue, fickneffccannot hurt it, violence cannot deface it, griefe and forrowcannot impaire it, yea death it (elfe cannot blemifhordifgraceir, yea rather it Thal bea meanes to crowne thisbeauty ofgrace with the beautie ofglory,which as it Thal be full ofvnfpeak- able excellencic, fo (hall it be free from all outward iniurie, and from all inward caufes ofdecay, and confequentlyvn- changeableand euerlafling. 4.Sell. t I. But if this will not weane our hearts from the loue of Beautytoo much worldly beautie,becaufe it doth notprofit vs : let vs further aft&Cieddoró confider )% it doth allo bring"muchhurt bothvetoourfelues make the bathe and alto vnto oui neighbours:: it hurteth-ourfelues both in tender. /oft aad fickty. our bodies,:foules andnames; ourbodiesthereby are-made more tender, loft and effeminate, yea alto moreweake and fickely, and thatnot onely through thevfeofvnwholefome medicines, and the riegledofwholefome food, bothwhich are ordinarie with thofe who ouermuchaffe& thepraifeof beautie,but allo becaufe they negle& that conuenient labor andexercife which preferuath health &increafeth flrength, andgiue themfelues ouer to floth& daintines,the ordinarie enemies;& impairers ofthë both: and thisneederh no other proofe but commonexperience, and bycomparing theordi- narie fort, - whmfeed wholefomely, and diligently imploy themfelues in the dutiesoftheircalling, with the gentilitie ofthe land, who no moreexceed the cómon people-informe and beautie,then there furpaífe them, in healthandfrength. 4.Sea.Lt. But howfocuer thisworldly beautie doth much hurt the seautiebinde- body,yet nothing incompanion ofthathurt which it bring- rahvertae,and eth veto the foule, which it -much hindreth in the courfe of futthercthvice. verme, and altoplungeth intomany vices : in both which refpedlsthis tentationofworldly beauty hath ouercomethe moll that haue bad ir, whom it bath firfi effeminatcd and made