Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

Be.utiefxeredfrom truevertue,is t o becontemned. I 27 tions, norcomp hdwithfcandales; but bringeth mtích ioy to them that behold it, and endleffe happineffe to them that haue it. Finally,thisworldlybeautie muchhurteth thole that haue 4serf i4 it, by making them proud and infolent, and confequentlyBeautiemaketh forgetful! ofGod and ofall good duties which they OweProud,asd cate.. vntohim; neither is there any thing fo vaine that maketh lerh chafe that foproud,offo fnall worth,thae doth caufethe heart toEwell haze ìt to nrQ- more in loftines of conceit, or doth more fill it with felfe ?e all holy du- loueandadmirationof their owne excellencie; nothing ofPal!¡toitseli put. fuch flight importance that caufeth greater negligence in ebris,fèguitnr the duties ofGods feruice, Peeing it vfually hindreth thoferaperbia forma. that haue it, or thatdefire to haue it, from comming to the Ous .t.Fafì. exercifes ofreligion, their time being wholly taken vp ira decking and adorningoftheirbodies, that fo their beauties may be let out to the {hew ; andalfomuch diflxae:eth them when they come, carrying away their thoughts from the exercifes ofreligion,and fixing them vpon that which they haue made their idol) : for when they looke vpon others, they either view their forme and beautie,difdainingchofe whoare inferiour,vyingwith thofe whoare equal!, and en- uying tholewho being fuperiour, feeme to robbe themof the title ofexcellencie;.or elfe they obferue their habites and attires,that out ofthis glade ofvanitie they may learne to deck rhemfelues more curioufly againft their next com- ming. Andas it maketh them proudly to negle6iall dutie to God, fo allo infolent towards men, as appeareth inthe ex- ample offratbti, who being puffed vp with pride,becaufe theKing was fo rauifhed with herbeautie,that bee defired 2. tomake fhewofit tohis Princcs,refufed to yeeldobedience vnto his commandement, making no queflionbut that her beamie wouldhaue made peacebetwecne them at the next parley. Whereby it appeareth,that as nothing more then it adorneth the bodie in the eyes ofinen,fonothingmore de- formeth.the foule in the fightofGod,feeing it fpotteth and polluteth it with this filthie leprole ofpride, which ofall other vices he mofi loatheth and ahhorrcth. Whereof is is that the Lord denicth vnto them his fancgifying graces, which