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i26 Bcantiefetteredfrom truevertue,is tobecontemned, z.Sam.xr.z. feazed on their concupifcence,And thus the beauti eofBeth_ and13.1.2. fg,be betrayed her chaflitie vnto Dauid,and Thamars vnto Gen.rz. nd zo.and 39.7. e/lmnon, and thus alto did it endanger Saraes vnto'Pharaoh and Abimelech,andlofephs vntohis miflreffe. And therefore Tertull.decul- one faith,that althoughbeautie benot tobeaccufed,ae being the to fceminarumfehcitieofthebodie, &e.yet it is tobefeared inref ell ofthe in- lib.. iurie and violence ofthe beholders; as it alfo caufed Abraham, thefather ofthefaithful, tofeare,becaufeof thebeautieof his wife, and faining that Sara was hisfiller, redeemed hisfafetie With a reproch. Whereas contrarttbife wee fballftnde themwho want thisbeautie, eafilyfreedfrommany impediments; for theft r.Tini.r.H0m.4 faulknersfor beautie are not very earne/l in bringing them to their lure oflufi,bait Idle the fimple lambe theyfeed in quiet and infilence,in thepro/lace oftheirihepheard, therebeing noWolfe to diflurbe theirpeace. And thusit appeareth truewhich one btultos forma faith, that beautie bathmade many adulterers, but neuer any fecit adulteros, chaff; and hath been often the bawd and baite which hath cafumnullum. betraied chaflitie, but neuer apatrone to defend it. And Petrach. de though there beTome that haue been innocentofthis fault, Remed.lib.z. and haue been rich in beautieand in chaftitie too, yet few dials. of them haue with all their skill and innocencie kept their names vnblemifhed, and free from the fpots offufpition Chryfofì.in and iealoufie. Forwhereas (as one faith) thofe Mho are not r.Tim.4,Ho- adorned with this beautie, arenot onlyfreefromfault,butalfo nai1+ from Itsfpition;thebeautifull woman, vnle/ffbevfegreatcare, andmuch modeflie and honeflie, thoughfhebeinnocent infili, yetwillcali/ymake way to an ill opinion. Let vs therefore not fo much affcél this earthly beautie, which oftentimesis an occafion of finne, and feldome freed from the fufpition thereof; but rather fet our hearts and affe/3ions on verme and fpirituall graces which adorne the mindewith inward beautie,which is notonly free from dangerof finne,but al- fo prcferueth vs from the leaf+fufpition and ieloufieofenill; and placeall our loueon that heaucnlybeautie and diuine glorie,ofwhich wee thall haue the fight and fruitionafter ` cul- our diffolution ; which (as one faith) is not burthenfome ti to finnin, the otkners, nor pernicious to thins that loue andaffeflit, nor dargerostAto thofewloo araneersvarovs,nor-expofed to tenta- tiont,