Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

That bodilytreagth rs of fmall worthandexcellencie. Liz as ifwehad continued the timeof thel ongef liner. But fay thatfickneffe fpareth vs, yet as old ageapprocheth,firength . decreafeth, after which death hafeneth,whicndoth wholly abolifh it,making the flrongefl giant & the weakefl wretch both alike. Confider further,that this huge ílrength of the body,is commonlyioyned with great weaknesofthe mind; and where there is the greatefi bone, there vfually is the leafwifedome andvnderflanding.In whichrefpedThemi- Plutarch.. lodes compared the Eretrienfes, a people more firong then. wife, to the Swordfifh, which bath a weapon but wants a. heart. Neither doth it helpe to furnifh the tninde with any venues, or maketh it more readie to anyvercuous adlions; but as chore trees whichare matgreat and (hang, are cotn- monlymofi vnfruitfull; fooftentimes thofe who excel! in . flrength, are moll barren in bearing the fruites ofvenue, and leaf forward in fuch a6lions as fauour of goodneffe. Nordoth thisbodily frength afiìfi the foule to moderating ofour afTè45Uons,and inouer-ruling ofour pallions; it doth not hclpe toafiiwage anger, to bridle Intl, or to foppe our courfe,when wee runne to take reuenge; yeacontrariwife being abufed by our corruptions, it pricketh forward our rage with the fpurres ofarmed furie ; it maketh men more able flaues to theirowne fìlthineffe,and infeadoffopping vs in reuengefull courtes, it rather hafleth vsforward with headlong fwiftnes,and putreth.a fword ofviolence intooue hands, wherebywee maynot only requite old injuries, but- alfo reuenge apparancesof wrongs with extreamecruelcie. Yeait not onlyencourageth thofe that haue confidence in their owne flrength, without reafon or confcience, to op. preffe and tyrannically to tread veder foote thofe whom . they find thensfelues able to ouermatch; but fo:puffeth them vp in pride in regard of their owne abilities, that they are readie ith defperate furie to make warre again(l heauen, . and having gotten the viéiorie ouer men, to let vponand- encounter God himfelfe.. As appeareth in the example of that mightieNimrodand his affociates ; and in Goliab,who notonely infulted ouer all Sauk armie in confidenceof his crime