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The Contents. S. 3. That worldly learning is to be contemned, becaxreitdoth not profitevs. 94 S. 4. Thatworldly learning is vaine,andofno excellency. 96 S. 5. worldlylearning helpethvs not to the attaining ofGodsfpi- rituallgraces. 97 4.6.Worlelly learning helpeth not to the attainingo flifeeternal.99 S. 7.That worldlylearning march hurter) thole nhtch fet their heartsvpon it. 99 S. 8.That worldly learning is to be contemned in comparifan of the true knowledgeofGGod. too CHAP. XI. That worldly fciences are ofnoworth in comparifon of fpirituailknowledgeand fauing grace. S. I . Artsandfciences in thennfeluesgood,and thegifs ofGod.I M r S.2. Howwordly fciencesareahufed. 102 4.3. That worldyfciencts are to becontemned. 102 CHAP. XIr. That vnfruitfull knowledgeof God , and his true fell. gion,is vaine and vnproftable. S. I.KnowledgeofGodardhistruth init filfe anexcellentgift of God, butyet loable totheabrs¡eofworizJcngs. to; 4. 2. That ourknowledge ismaimed andimperfec?. tog. S. 3. Thatvnfuitfsellknowledgeisvaine ,andtonoperpofe. to6 §. 4. That vnfraitflkyowt ekeis vnprofitable. 107 S. 5. That vnfruitfullknowledgedathmuchhurtvs, and6rf1 in ¡Pet! ofour bodies. i o8 S. 6. Vnfruit fodiknewledgemuchhurteth yr inre /pell ofourfoules; firi,asit pufeth vsvp withpride. 109 4.7.Vnfruirfiallknowledge asgraseateth our otherfnnes. 110 S. 8. VnfruitfJl knowledge increafeth our reckoning at thedayof judgement. 1 I 1 CHAP. XIII. That beautie is to be contemned in refpeaoffpirituall graces, or heauenly excellencies. S.1. That