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The Contents. 4. 7.Their obiellionanfweredwho fay they vfepainting topleafe their husbands. 137 CHAP. xv. That bodilyfrrength is not touch to be efleemed, as being of(mall worthand excellency. §,I. That bodily firengthbeing init felt good, is often aufed throughour corruption. I38 §. 2. That it isagreat vanitie to glory in flrength , feeing Gode- fleemeth it not, andbeaflsexcellinU. 1 S. 3. That bodily flrengthit momentanyand but o f ¡bort continu. ance. 140 S. 4, 'odiyfirength cannot deliuer vsfrom emitsandinnumerable dangers. 142 CHAP. XVI. That bodilyhealth is butoffmall worth and excellency. Ç. r.Health in itfelfe is agreat bleng , butmuchabufed through our corruption. 143 S. 2. That health is butacommon gift , whichis impartedalfe to thewicked. 143 5. 3.That bodilyhealth is momentanyandvncertaine. 144 §. 4. That bodily health is imperfell andfull ofinfirmities. 145 S. 5Themanifold euilr which vfisally accompany bodily health. 546. CHAP. XVII. That focietie and neare fatmliaritiewith wickedworld. lings is to be fbunned and auoided. S. s.That theworldállureth vs by wickedcompany, toaccompany them infsnne. /48 5.2. Thatalfocietie withwickedmen is not vnlawfall. 548 5.3. Inwhat cafesit is lawfull to come in company with wicked men. 149 5.4.That it islawfullto company withwickedmen, that we may concert them.unto God, 550 §.S.In