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The Contents. §. S.In what cafes thecompany ofwicked worldlmgs is to be asrei- ded. 151 §.6.That thecompany ofthewicked isforbidden andcondemned. I52. g.7.That Gods faintsbane carefully fhsennedthecompany of tfm. wicked. 153 §. 8. That wicked company itanotable inducement to draw vsin- tofanne. 154 §. 9. That in theformer reffetl weare carefully to Jhunne wicked company. 155 5.r o. That it is hard tokeepecompany with thewicked, andnot to be accefart' to theirfinnet. 157 §. i i.That keepingwiekd company brandeth our nameswith in- famie. 157 §. I z. Wickedcompanymaketh vs liable toGods itedgements. 1 58 §.13, Thataffinitiewith thewickedismofl dangerous. 159 CHAP. XVIII. That the companyofthe wicked is verie dangerous,by reafonofeuill examples and corrupt communication. §.1. Wickedexamples allureandperfwadevsvetopine. 16o §. 2. Euillexamples offtsperiours are mollpernicious. 162 §, 3,Euíllexamplesnourifbpride,andhinder repentance. 162 §.,4, Euillexamples of thewickedvexe and griene Godsferuants 163. §. 5. Ifwe donot follow theestill examples ofthe wicked, wepro- cure their hatred. 164 5.6. That theeuillfpeeches of wickedmen do much corrupt vs. 165. .That wicked men with their allurements and perfwafions draw our heartsfromGod. 165 §.8. Thattheft wickedallurements are very dangerous. 166 CHAP. XIX. That the friend(hip ofwicked worldlings is to becon- temnedand carefullyauoided. That