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The Contents. griefein lofing them. i64 S. 6.Inwhatfenfe ourioy andt riefeabout theft ear thingsare fgnes ofour lone oftheworld. 266 CHAP. VIII. That thebea things in the world are but meere vanities, incomparilon ofGods fptrituall graces, and heauenlyexcellencies. S. r .That the beeg are too much taintedwith the loue ofthe world. 267. S. 2, Remedies to curethe direafe ofworldlyloue. 268 S. 3. That thebefl things theworldcan boafl of are but mepreva. nudes. S..}.Thevanitie ofworldlj thingsprouedby te1limonier. 27 f S. The vanitieofworldly things praisedby Salomon: teflimoty. 272. S. 6. Tbattheft worldly things are of no great excellency feting theyarebut gods commongifts. 275 S. 7.That God bellows honoursau wellvpon the wicked as vpon thegodly. 275 s. S. Reprobatesaboundwith richesas much as Godsfertsants.276 S. g.Thewicked worldlingbathagreater flareof worldly plea- foires, then GodsBeare children. 277 S. r o. Thatthecommonn:ffeoftheft earthlygifts , Jiieweth their vtlitieandbafenef fe. 278 CHAP. IX. That there worldly things haue their goodneffe onclyfrom opinion,and from competition,and from difficulty inobtaining,& from their rarenes in enioyi rg. S. I.That worldlythings bane their chiefe excellencyfrom opinion. 280. 5. z. Opinionmaksrh honoursfomuchaf ílsd. 28( S. 3. That opiniongiteethriches their chiefeexcilency. 282 5.4 That there is noexcellency in worldlyplea/carer, bat »hat o pinion imprtsunto them. 283 5.5 .That