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The Contents. S. 20.Wemuff carefully take heedthat ayatandonot intanglevtin thefepleafures. 244 CHAP. VI. Thatwe are exceeding prone to abufe thefe earthly, Wettings, whereby they become thediueis hares to intangle vs in fnnne. §. I. That through our corruptionwe abufe Gods earthly bief_ frogs, 245 5.2, That theft earthly thingsthroughour abufebecome the mat- ter fmanygrteuosts tentations. 246 § 3. That Satan vfaallymaketh thefe earthly things to [erne no baites to allurevrunto/inne. 247 5.4. Honorsplunge meninto many dangerous tentations. 248 §. 5. That richerare the occafions of many dangerous tentations. 2q.9. §.6.That tentationsgroundedupon pleafures are very dangerous. 250. 5.7. he what rdenstheft earthy thingsare tobe defired , and in whatreffeQer tobe contemned. 251 $. 8.Theftearthly things arechieflyabufedwhen we makeidélsof them. 252 5.9. That itbecomethChrifliansto contemne thefe earthly vani- ties, and toaffell thefeheaueny excellencies. 254 CHAP. VII. Qfthefigneswherebywe may knowwhether we be infe6ted with the loueof the world. §. I . Thefarfl gue isto rh.'nke onthefe earthly vanities withgrea- tefl pleafare andvrwearied delight. 257 5.2. Thefecondfagneis to seakZeofthemwithgreateff delight and comfrt, 259 §. 3. In what ferne our much thinking and leaking ofworldly . things A ef?nes of theloue oftheworld. 260 5.4. Thethirdfgneocwhen wemoll defre thefe earthly things, takemuffcareandpainsin compajfing them. 2 61 S. 5.ThefourthAgile iswhen we takemofl icy inkseping,andmoll grefe