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TheContents. CHAP. XI. Ofthevanitie ofworldlypower and authoritie. §.I. Inwhat re/pea worldly authoritie iegood,and inwhat mill andfzrsfull. Sz.Thatthereis nogreatexxllencie in worldly power andau- theritie. 31; §. 3. That worldlyasthoritieandpower doth not profite vsfor the attaining tograce andvertue. 313 §. 4. That bewho bath m®fl authoritie oser others , bath leaf! in ruling hinofefe. 315 §. 5. Thatworldly authoritie freeeth vs not from our greatene- uils. 316 s. 6.Thatworldly authoritieisaccompaniedzfualy:withpride and tyrannie. 317 §. 7.7hatworldly authoritie isslimily accompanied with vniufltce andopprF/Ton. 319 §.8.That worldly authoritie expofeth men to enuie and many dangers. 321 §. 9. That abusedatuthoritie fubieEleth men to Gods vengeance. 322. §. I o. That fßiiritnall power to much to be preferred before that whichis worldly. 323 CHAP. XI!: Ofthevanitieofworldly nobilitie. 5.'. What toobilitie £c, aodtheJignes thereof. 325 §. 2. That nobilitie in itfelfeisgoodandlawfull. 325 s. 3.That true nobilitieis much to behonoured and re f eRed.3 27 §. 4.That worldly nobilitie is ofnoworth orexcellencie. 3 28 s. 5. That there ta no cause why any Jhouldglorie in worldly nobi. line. 330 s. 6. ThatGodrefs eElethnot worldly nobilitie. 330 §.7. That Chrifl neglefledworldly nobilitie. 3 3 t s,8. That worldly nobilitie is momentayand mutable. 332 §.9. Thatvpfart nobilitie ioyned with vertue is tobepreferred before thatwhich isdellituteofir,rhough it (Oancient.3 33 5.10. 74 t worldly nobilitie is vnprofirable. 334 §.II.The