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The Contents. §. I t.The vnprofitableneffeofworldly nobilitie /hewedbydiners examples. 336 $.12.That worldlynobilitie maketh man proud andnegligent in thepratlofeofreligion. 338 5. 13. Thatnobilitie festeredfrom vertue, dijgracetk thofethat haueit. 339 §. 14.That .firituallnobilitie imuch to bepreferred beforethat which is worldly. 341 5. 15.That thepriuiledges of F»ritua/lnobilitkaremuchgreater thenofthatwhich is worldly. CHAP. XIII. Of the vanitie ofworld!ykingdomes andmonarchies. §. t .7-hat kinglyandfupremeauthoritie is in itfelfegood , andto be reuerencedandref /wiled. §. 2. That royaltie and fupremcauthoritie is the gift andblefing ofGod. §. 3.T/76,i-roubles and encombrances which akingdome bringth with it. 345 §. 4. Thecares which accompanya kingdom inrc f#cíl ofhim that reigneth. 347 §. 5. The care whichahing taketh in reewEl ofhisfubicar. 348 §. 6. The weightieburthen andpain f lllabour, which accornpa. .niethfoueraigntie. §. 7. That Princes are much troubled with the violenceof their vnruyaie/lions. 35° §. 8. Thedangers which are incident to Mopthat arein fupreme aushorit ie. 2 §.9.Of the vngratitudc ofthe people towards their gouernors. 35. 5. io. Thegreat account that Princeshaue to make at theday of judgement. 354 §. 11. That worldlyha'ngdomes èbufedarethecaufes ofmanyfins. 3s5. 5. I 2. Of thepunif'iment which God infiiileth upon euill kings x56. 5.13. That Godbringeth vpon endkings haflie deflrutlion. 358 §.14.of