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TheContents. . g, 5. rhat thevanitieofworldlypleafuresfhouldmakevsto feeke jpiritua(land beamed" ¡oyes. 413 CHAP. XVII. That worldly things do not fa tisfie, nor bring content- ment to thofc that haue them. §. a .7'hatworldly thingsdo notbring that contentment which they promife. 415 §. 2.That worldly thingspo f fef f'eddo but inflamethe defre. 416 §. 3. The reafons why the mind of man cannot befatisfied with earthly things. 417 §.4. That it isgreatfolly tofeeke,for content inearthly abundance. 419 s. 5,The infaficiencyof wordly things to giuecontent , (hewedby examples. 421 §, 6, That honoursbringno contentment to thofe that haue them. 422. S.7.That there is nofatietieor content in riches. 424 §. 8.That worldlyrichespromife contentment, but cannotgioie et, andthe reafons why. 425 §.9.That covetous men themorethey abound,themore theywant. 427 5. Io. Thatcouetotumen aremore in want then thePoore. 428 .Thatit is in vaine to feekeforcontentment inriches. 429 §. I 2. Anotherreafoo why riches fatisfienot, namely becaufethey arenot vfed. 430 §.i 3. That it is not the barepo(fen ofriches that makethrich. 5.14. Thatrich milersare ofall otherpooreff. 432 5. I ç. Themi('erable conditton ofrichmierr. 43 3. S. 16. That rirhmiíersareemptieof allgoodneffe ,beinggood nei- ther tothemfeluer nor others. 4 2 5 5. 17. That worldlypleafuresfatefienot, nor giue contentment. 437 CHAP. XVIII. Ofthe miferabie effe&s which accompany the in(ifheieney of worldly things , asdifcontent in all cflatcs, hoachíng fatietie, and an endlelfe delire ofchaaging. C 3 §.I.That