Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

The Contents. S. x .Thatallmenaredafcontentedwiththeir eater, and ftrg, thole whoareofhonourable condition. 439 §. 2. Thedifcantent which accompaniethriches andplearares 440 S.z.That allmen inaliases , anding arefullof dafcontert. 441 5.4.0f theca,fes why worldling; arefofullofdfcantent. 444 S 5.7- hat worldlythings inffeed ofatisf-ingbring with them loa- thinófat;etie. 446 §.6.From the i fufficíencyof worldly things tofatisfie , proçeedeth anendleffe defre andofellation ofchange. 448 5 .7.7heformerpoint clearedbyfameinflantes, 451 CHAP. XIX. Oftheexcellencyoftruc contentment, and chemeanes wherebywe mayattainc vnto ir. §.I.That contentment is to be foughtnotin the world/Isst in Gods fßiritua,'lgraces. 45 2 §.z.Thatffirituall contentment much exceedeth allcontentmentin worldly things. 454 §.3,That contentment isamedicinefor allmiferie. 456 §.4.7hat contentment is tobefought,not inoutwardthings,but in the heart andmind. 5. 5.7hat wemug feeAZecontentment , not by multiplyingwo 4d y vanities,but by moderating our dfres andaffeílions. 459 §.6.Ifwewouldhateecontentment inriches, we mall lay afideco- uetoufneffe. 461 §.7.Thatcontentment inpleafures,is had,not bymultiplying them, but by riftrainingourappetites. 463 §.8.7hefirgandchiefs meanerofcontentationiswholely torejig-me ourTellies to the willofGod. 464 5.9.7hat Chr f iant mayfafely andfecurely ret on Godsproni- deuce. 466 5.1o.Thereaforu why theLordgiuethworldly thingstofame of his children,andnot to others. 468 §.t i .Thereafonswhy theL irdma/Zeth not allhis children rich in allwooIdybenefites. 470 4.1z.7hefecondmeanes ofcontentm_nti.e to lade agodly l fe. 72 5.13.The thirdmeaner is to thinks ofour benfates as wellas ofora wants. 473 g.14.That