Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

The Contents: 5.14.That perfebiandfull contentation is oney to befound inhea- uenly happineffe. 474 CHAP. xx. Ofthevnprofitablenes ofworldly vanities in comparifon of Gods fpirituall graces and heauenly íoycs. i .That there is noprofite in worldly things to thofewho fet their hearts on them. 476 §.2.That worldly honoursare vnprofitable. 477 5.3.7-hat there is noprofite in worldly riches. 477 9.4.That richesaremoll vnprofitable tofordtdous miters. 480 §,s .Ofthe vnprofitablenef feofworldlypleafures. 483 §,6.Thatworldly thingsdo notfurther themaine ends at whichwe aime,aisfirfl theydo not make vs truly better. 48g §.7.That we arenot betteredbyhonors ,riches,or carnallpleafures. 488. CHAP. xxi. That worldlythings profit not to theattainingofthofe things whichare chieflygood,nor to the auoiding ofour greatenevils. §.t .That worldly thingshelpe not to enrich our minds withvertue andGodsfatting graces. 491 5.i.That worldly things do not make vs morefuir-full in good workes. 492 §.3.That worldly things donot makethem ,who haue them, more merry and chearefull. 494 §.4.Thatworldly pleafures arevoide of truepleafure , andfound delight. 496 §. s.That worldly things afire vs 'yteither of the loue ofrodnor man. 497 §.6.Thatworldly thingsdo not helpe to free vsfrom ourgreatefl evils: asfirfi,theydonot deliuervsfromdangers. 499 §.7.Worldly things cure notthe bodyofficknef es fettles. goo 5,8 Worldlythings donot profit in the dayofGodsviftation. soy §.9.7batworldly thingsprofit not at thehowreo fdeath. 5o6 5.' o.Thatworldly thingsat the day of death bring riouch griefe andbitternef e. 5°9 §, t t.That worldly thingsprofitenot after our reparation. go t S. i 2.That worldly thingswill not profitevs at theday offudge- c ment.