Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

The Contents. §.1. Ofthemiferies incident vntoEngle 1íf5andwedlocke, 541 §.2.0f the niferies incident to diuxrsfìates, publàck& privat.543 §,3.Offo iefpecial worldlymiferiespeculiar to true Chrillas.541, CHAP. xxv. Ofthe miferieswhich accompany-worldly things, in refpeci oftheir getting, keeping, and poflefìion. §.I.Of the sudswhich worldly things bring with them , andfirfl honoursand riches. 547 §.z. Ofthe mferies whichaccompanypleafures. 549 5.3.That worldly thingsare notgotten withoutgreat ¡abèur. 55o §,4,That worldly men taketheir chiefspainsforfuperfluities. 5 5 z § 5.Ofthemiferies incident to thegetting ofhonours, riches and pleafures. 552 §. 6. That menspaints in getting worldly things is accoiopanied withfinne. 554 §. 7. Ofthewicked cour- fes which ambitious andcauetoui menrun into, toobtáinehonours andriches. 556 §.8 .Thatworldlypleafures arefeldome procuredwithout 56o §,9.0fthemiferies accompanying worldly things inrefpelî oftheir poffe on. 56z §.Io.The cares andferres whichaccompany honors in their pof- fean. 56z §.i 1.O f themiferies whichaccöpany richesin theirpo f fefon. 565 §.i 2.Thatriches depriue their bodies ofriff, and their mindsof peace, which toomuch loue them. 568 5.1 3.Howwemay in thepof fÇ -onof riches befreed from thefor- mer miferies. 57o §. t4.That richesare moll furely preferuedwhen theyare giuen to thepoore. S72 5.15 .An exhortation to alines deeds. 575 §.16.Ofthemiferieswhich accompanyworldlypleafuresand their fruition. 576 5.17.0 f themiferieswhich accompany worldly thingswhen they arelofi. 577 8.0fthemferieswhichareincident to men for thelopof ho= nours,riches,andpleafures. 579 §.19.Theconclufon perfwadmg all tofeeke after Godslpirituall graces ,andheaueny ioyes. 581 CHAP.