Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

The Contents. S. t.That worldly thingsimmoderately losted do choalethe feede ofGods word. 75(2 §. 2. That abundance of worldly things impoueriheth vs in godr f jiirituallgraces. 5.3.Thatearthly abundancedoth infatuate the vnderflandang.7 4 §.4. That honours, riches , andpleafures , makemen blindanfin- dong theway toheauen. 753 S. 5. That worldly abundance makes menfo ignorant they cannot knowthemfel tes. 762 S. 6. That worldly abundance maketh men ignorant of their friends. 753 §.7. Th a honooers,richc's,andpleafsrres, make menable to difceon friendsfromflatterers. 6 74 S.8.That earthy abundancecaufeth(ecuritie. 767 §. 9. That worldlyabundance bringethimpenitencit andhardnefe ofheart. 769 5. to.That theimmoderate loue ofworldythings , taken away all truelonefromourfelues 772 5. t 1. That earthly abundanceaggrauateth theirfinnes that haue it. 774 S.12.to5.16.That worldlythings,&particularly,honosers,riches, andpleafures etpofemen to many tentations. 77$ §.15. That they expofementoGods wrathandheauy iudgements. 783 CHAP. XXXV. Ofthe euerlaaingeuils which worldly things immoderately loued do bring tochore whohaue them. 5. r . That theyhinder menfromattaining theioyes of Gods king- dome. 786 5 2. Thereafons why wecannot greatly. lone bothearthly and hea- ueny things. 788 § 3. That theLordwillnot gioie the heauenly ioyes to them who moreefleeme ofearthly tries. 791 §.4.5.6.Thatworldlyhonours, riches, andpleafurer, hinder thofe whofet theirhearts on them;fromattaining heauenlyglory. 792. 5.7.8.That themore we aboundwith worldly things , thegrea- terf fallbe ourreckoningat theday ofiudgement. 80o §,9. That