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The Contents. S9 Jsat worldly things immoderately lourd increAfe their con. demnation, who thus abufe them. 809, §. to. aifdsf7waßon fromthe lone of the worldvpan the former confederation. 8o6 The contents ofthe thirdBooke. CHAP. I. That we fhould not fet our hearts on theworld andworldly things, becaufe we arebut pilgrims and llran- gers on earth. §. 1. That all thefaithfull from time to time haste acknowledged the.nfeluespilgrimsandflrangers. 809 §. 2. That thisJhouldweave our heartsfrom theworld, becaufe we ltue asfiranáers in it. St §, 3. That the worldis tobevfed as apafrage, andnot asaplaceof habitation. 823 S. 4.That uelhouldnot fet our heartsandoffetlions ontheworld, becaufeit is theplaceofour warfare. 826 CHAP. II. That we fhould contemne the world andall worldly va- nities, in regard that we are citizens of heauen and heires cîbetter hopes. §.I. That wemighteafiycontemne earthly things, fwe would meditateonourheauenlypriuiledges,and ioyes. 818 6-. a. That theloue ofthe worldmay wellfit anignorant worldling, but i!Lbefeemeth a Chriianwhohach offuranceoffuture happineffe. 82o 5.3.7hatit is prude bareneffefor a Chrtflian who is the childof Clodandheire o fbeauen to fet hisheart onworldly things. 822. 5.4. That earthlyhonours , riches, andpleafures, arebafeandof noworth,in comparifonofthe treafures,glory,and ioyes of heauen. 825 5.5Thattheywho loue the world make aforfeitureoftheir hea- seen yhopes. 827 §.6.That