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In their owne nature. Chap. r . §. Ls, t. Generally, \ where is Phew-- `Good to ÿ good who vie ed what they) in their vfe to vs, to them rightly.Cap.r.§.5. are wit, indifferent, )Euill to chofe who abufe (( them, (In theirorvn nature. Cap.a.§.2. Vitro vs,in theirvfe,name.y, to the are { themedl. §f 5'them who vfe good, Of whom they ate to be deli- L red. §.15.16. 1 In their own nature. Cap.3.4.t, (r. That riches are not abfolurely to Vnto vs bee contemned. whé they §6. to so. arewel v-< fed,where The cautionswhich Lis (hewed are to bee obfer_ ued to their right vie. Chap.4. fDiuine pleafures, which are chieflygood and defirable. §.1.2. Honors I l3. Worldly things, al which are refer- red to three heads, to wir, honors, ri- ches, & pleafures,{ of which it is en. treated in the fe- cend booke : and. CGood,and thus Riches ate S good, x. Special - ly,whereis entreated ofhonors, riches and< pleafures, which arc `either Pleafures are good, Chap. 5. and that both rt.In their owne Naturali I nature. § 6, andciuil, whichare 2. Vittovs, when good, l they arc well vfed.§ t o. t.The figns of this worldlie i- dolatry, & carnalloue wherby we may know rituali graces &heauen 1 y ioyes,in cópa- whether Euil when theyare abufed,& thus men abufe them, when theymake them their idols, bypreferring them in their iudge- ments,affeetions and pra&ife,before fpi. rifon whereof,they are to be contemned webeinfe- , Eked with vntowhich cótempt ÿ following treatife thisdifcafe t` petfwadeth,Chap.6.whereispropoi'tdcd, Chap.7. z. Reme- dies. Set L C.