Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

f!n their owne nature ofanie greatgoodnes, though wee < Ihould obtain (F;rft , becaufe thé, and' be- theybring not taufe they are unto vs anie true or certain good, betaute they are not Vaine, and of no excellentie, front whence it follow- eth, that they doe not fatisfic thole that haue them: so. Vnprofitable, and mixt with manie miferies: .to 26. Noryet bane inthé any certaintie inre- ifpe&either ofour (!n themfelues:< rGetting thé: il Keeping thé : I. C.s7, to3o. C. Remedies to cure vs of it, where of ar- guméts which perfuadetothe contéptof the world , which tend to %hewe that worldlie things are not tobe efleemed and loved, in comparìfon of fpirituall and heauenly: nei- eher Secondly, be- caufe through our corruptió they are caufes Our neighbour.Chap.32. of much hurt, being occafi3s (Ciuïll,and and provoca- meerelie rions vnto all humane: finite both a C,gainf} f God.Chap.3o.3 t. Temporal, which area C "aP'33 Ourfclues I either as they de- crueunto Spiritual!: vs manie mils, and I Cap. ;,!.. thatboth cu LEternall t Chap.; . íPilgrimes onearth. Lib.3.Chap r. Not in refpe$of vs, Citizens ofheauen,andheires ofthole eternal! L becaufe weate 'oyes and happincffewhich infinitely exceed t. all worldly things.Chap.z.3.&c.