Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

Y THE FIRST BOOKE OF THE SECOND PART OF THE ChriliianWarrefare, containing diuers arguments, wherebywee may be armed ágainfi the tentations of profperitie, and perfwaded tocontemne worldly vanities, in comparifonof Godslpirituall gracesand heauenlyioyes. CHAP. I. Ofthe3borld, the fecond enemieofourfaluatien, andWhat it Here is none (hall be thought fit to4,Seíi,Ia raigne with Iefus Chria in the Tbat thereit kingdom of heauen,but thofewho none crowned, haue bin conquerors here on earth; butöe uercome thatdotk e notoffome final! countrey orpetite A , poc.3.zr< kingdome,for that great glorie fhal neuer be the crowneof fo tneane a viorie;nor (like A/exander)ofthe greatcfl partofthe earths knowne territories; for fo a man mayattaine to the height of this glorie, and yet remaine a flaue tohis owne paffions and ambitious _ Sufis, andbeavaf- fall after his vi &orie to that which he feemeth tohaue ouer- come.Buthe who willraigne with Ch if+,muff conquer the whole world, not with the fword and arme offlefh, but 510114.4 with the fpirit ofGod,and theflick' offaith, whereby hee repelleth all the tentations thereof; both the charming al- lurementswhereby hee might be infeebled, and the fierie dartsofafilicionandperfecution,whereby hee might bee difcouragcd.;