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4 O f thelborld,axdwhatit is. God, nor to loath that which God fo dcarely loueth :yea wemufl loue thofe whoareofthis world,asour felues,as be- ing Pubic &s ofChihis kingdome, and fellow members of his bodie. ,.Sel1.3. But this word is alto taken in the Scriptures in euill part, to whatfenfe and that moil vfually,and foit fignifieth fomtime reprobate, tbernvorld is to wicked,and vnbcleeuingmen, whohauing yeelded them- berepot dour felues ouer,as voluntarie flauesvotoSatan, for thews es of nTini.z.z6, worldly vanities, willingly yceld'obedience voto him as their prince and foueraigne,and fubmit themfelues tobe ru Roro.y.a3, led by the lawof finne, imprinted by him in their corrupt natures,which is flatlyoppofed to the law ofnature, written in the hearts ofour fiat parents,and afterwardsin the tables of(lone, bythe finger ofGod ; oppofing with all theirma- lice, powerandpolicie, againfl God, and the kingdome of Iefus Chrifl; hindringas much asin thetas herb theprofperi- tie, encreafe &propagation thereof, &hating, enuying,and perfecuting thofe, who - will:not be allured by anyworldly baits torenounce. the (enticeofChrifl and. to ioyne with them in the feruiceoffinne andSatan. And thustheworld loh.zs.19. istaken,Ioh.r5.z9.Ifyee were ofthe ?v,rld, the world would lout his owne,6ut 6ecaufeyeare not ofthe world,6utIhaste this. foyouout ofthe tborld, therefore the world hatethyou. And andx6.26. a6. 2o.1' efhallìreepa-and lament,6ut theworld(thatis,thewic- kedof the world) that!reioyce. And this is that world,which a:Ioh.5..19. the Apofile John faith liethwhollyon rrickednet, and is there- fore excluded by our Sauiour Chrifl from hauing any part in his prayers,or benefit by his mediationt.Ioh.r7.9.1pray loh.t79 for them,Ipraynot for theworld. Now theft are called the world,becaufethey are theworldscitizens,whichmind on- ly worldly things,andfettingtheir heartsand affe&ionsvp- Ticuntarin- on theearth and earthly vanities, doe incomparifon thereof probi mundus contemne Godand hiskingdome. guontamcmfi- Somtime by ÿ world arefignifiedworldly things, which urats fonthont. e Satan and wickedmenvfe as mimesto drawmen from the op,at fete aeofGod,tothe feruiceoffinne; whether theybe allu- a.Cor.7.3t. ringbaitswhereby theyintice vetowickednes,aspleafures, profits andpreferments; or difcouragements,whereby they feeke. Wwwww` row ., n-.++uw