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Ofthemerld,and what it it. S feeke to diaharten and hinder them in the way ofgodlines, as troubles,affliélions,and perfecutions. And fometime both thefc are ioyned together, in which fenfe the Apofile Paul faith,that he was crucified to theworld, Ga1.6.4, and thewerld tohim;where by worldhevnderflandeth what- foeuer in the world,whether men or other creatures, are op- pofed to the kingdomeofChrifi, all which were as little va. Teedby this holy Apoflle, as a crucified or dead man dice- meth ofthe things of the lining. And fo the Apolile Won ioyneth them, though not in the fameword,yet in the fame lentence, I.Ioh.2.15.Loue not theworld, nor the things of the world. And thus wee will take the world in this difcourfè; vnderflanding thereby a hatfoeuer in the lborld,eirherin it own enature,or throughabufe, allureth vs to the/entice of'inne and Satan, ord:fcourageth and hindrethvs in theferiiice ofGod,and themeaner ofour orvuefalxation;'bhether irbe wicked men, or the creatures abufedbySatan and our corruption, as oecalion: andmotiues vetomill. Or more briefly thus: Whatfoeuer in the world is the in/lrument ofthedixell,to draw vs vetofinne. Whereby it appeareth that wee arc not to oppofeagainll, §se,<t 4, asour enemies, and topurfue with our hatred, wicked men Howwicked in the world abfolutely, or as theyare men,butrefpeóliuely worid[;ngi are as theyarewicked, and hating their finne we may,yea wee tOehated. . ought to loue-their pecfons,asbeing thecreatures ofGod in cum hominibur reípe6l ofrheir eflènce,who haue its them (how wickedfoe- pacem hab,bis, uer)fome good naturali parts, and common gifts of the fpi. bSUü cumvitÿs. rit,which precious pearles are tobe valued euen when they are found in thele filthie dunghils. And as our hatredought not tobegenerali and abfolute in refpcét of the obiea,fo in refpei5l ofthequality it fhouldnot bedeadly and malicious, but it muff bee mixed and fweetned with compalfìon and commiferation, yea with forrow ofheart,that they are no better, and with a desire of their conuerfion and amend- ment, that fo emnitie ceafing, they might become worthie ofour lone. Our hatred mull (like our Sauiour Chrifts an- Mark..3:5. ger)be ioyned withholymourning,becaufe their hearts are fo hardned in finne;and thoughwe are to efleeme them ene- mies, yet our eyes (like Dauids) mull gufo out with tiners orPfaLiz9136.. D, 3 water:,