Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

TO THE RIGHT HONORABLE, SIR THOMA'S EGERTON KNIGHT, BARON OF Ellefinere, Lord high Chancellorof England,and one ofhis Maid-lies moil honorablepriuie Countll, I. D. wilheth all grace and profperitie in this life, and eternal! happineffein the life to come. Hen I confidered ( Right Honorable) the great pu- iflance , and preuailing fñrength , of the fe arch- enemies ofour faluation, the world, andworldly va- nities, manifeffed in their daily conquefts, not onely ofthofe,who voluntarily yeeldat the firf} onfet, and arewillingly content to become their vaffals and flaues, for the vn- certaine tenure, andbafe wages ofearthly vanities; but alto of-fuch as hauing giuen theirnames to Chrift,byreceiuinghis facra- ment, profefled themfelues tobehis fouldi- a 2 ers