Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

TheEpiflleDedicatoriu. ers and feruants, and that among{t other e- nemies, theywould valiantly fighe hisbate tailes,againft the world,and worldly lu{}s: who notwithftanding their oath and pro- mile , either.yeeld fubie&ion to the world upon theoffer ofearthly profits, pleafures, and preferments, orRand in a cold neutra.. litie, defìringto doe feruice to the world and God too;but without all indifferencie, fetinghehath onely the feruiceoftheir lips, and fotneoutwarddeu.otions,meerely com- plemental], and ceremoniall; whereas the other maker bath the feruice oftheir hearts, and all their care, labours,andpainefull in- deauours irnploiedabout himi Andwhen as I faw the glorious trophees oftheworlds vi'oriesereded,'not onely in euerycorner ofthecommon - wealth buteuen in the tem- pie and 'church of God; tohis great difho- nour, and the difgracc of his truereligion; Ithought t could not fpend m5' ítrength ina bettercluarrell,then iri oppofingagainft this enemie of our faluation; to the end, that might abate his preuailing forces, and wea- ken thevery finewes ofhis ftrength, where- in, bee molt gloricth and triumpheth by chewing,