Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

That the worldit amot?dangerous eceemie. faithfug, and wit hfuch dtnerfttie it this ofadedby themotile, thataman can hardly /know what is firfl to beeauaided : far if higher polbers ceafe to oppofe,it exaf erateth the minder ofpri- statemen againfi yr; iftheir ragebealfa appeafèd, itfettethall onfireby chofe whoare ofa mansownefamalie; and ifthis alfa be quieted, by his art heefetreth difeord betweene brethren and neerekinred,that fo tempefluoufly beatingvpon the hoofeon eue- ry ofthefastrecorners,he may enone fideor other caafe a ruine. Forwhich ceafeit is withone confent tobefledfronofall Chrt- flians, &c. And this he inforceth elfewhere: Flee (faith hee) atmbrof. inLac. thelea ofthe world, and thou limit not need tofehrefhipwracf e, 4.1om.S. &c. In the fea whenas the winder rage, though all be not cafd away,yetall arefubielltogreatdanger. f.sei7.4. But how dangerous this enemie is, it will better appeare, Thatthem:,rtd if wedoe confider the will and abilitie, the malice and po- is amaticiotw wer thereof; which if they be in an high nature and degree anemia. ioyned together,the peril' mutt needs be out ofineafure pe- rillous. Concerning the malice of ,this enemie, it is exceeding great and vnreconcilable, inueterate and perpetual!. For as taking part withour arch-enemie Satan, it malitioufly op. pofeth againfi God, Co alto againfi all thole who profeffe themfelueshis children and feruants.And asthe Libbard fe hateth man,that with furious maliceit will flie vpon his pi- eiure or image, fothis Serpents brood the world, as it ma- ligneth God himf lfe,fo alto with like hate itpurfueth thole in whom the imageofGod is repaired. And as with outra- gions malice and deadlyoutrage itperfecutedour head le- fus ChriP, fo with equal! furie it rageth againfi all the true members ofhis bodie.Ofthisour Sauionr gauevs warning, Loh.s5.18,19. loh.t 5.a8. Ifthe world hate you,youknow that it batedme be- foreyou. 19. Ifyewereofthe 'world, the luridwould leue his owtse ;bat becaufeyearenot ofthe lborld,but Ihastechalet; you out eftheworld,therefore theworldhatethyou. zo. Rymember the word that Ifindvnto you,the f ruant is notgreaterthen his ma.4?er. Ifthey haueperfecutedme, theywill perforateyou atfo. , And this appeareth by continual) experienceeuen from the beginningof theworld.Cainea wicked worldlingperfecu- rech