Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

That the world ifamo/l dangerowenewile. tillons paffage and courte of worldlings, but before they cart arriue at the wiflied han'cn,they encounter a thoufand deljerate dangers; one while they are toffed with tempe- (bonsNormes oftroubles,croffcs, and vexations; fometime lifted vp with their hopes, as though they fhould touch the heavens; fometime deieelcd and can downe with feare, as though they fhould bee fwallowed in the guile and (as it vvere)hellofdefpaire;nowthey arein danger todafh again(( the rockes of violence and oppreflion, and Toone after to fplit their Chip vpon the landsoftreacherie and falfehood : fometimes they are carried into an vncouth valines in ha- zard to lofe themfelues in thebywaiesoferror, vnleflè fol- lowing the aduice oftheir,skilfull Pilóts,Godsmeffengers and Miniliebs, they fulfer themfelues to be guided and dire- dedwith the Card ofGods word: fometime they are dri, ueu into the (gaits, where they are befet with perils, heere Scylla, thereCharybdis, being readie ro fall into the one; whilctl with improvident care they auoid theother.Which beingpafled,their danger isnotpan; for thóughthe forme, rocks and lands (parethem,yet are they befet with,ten thou- fand wicked fiends,which like amen piratsare readie to rob thefts ofall thole richwares ofGodsfpirituall graces,and to enchaine them in theirgalleys ofendlcffe bondage. Btitfay theyare not encountred with thefe rough dangers ofttott- bles and crofl'es,fay that thcyhaue a faire calme ofprofperi- tie,and a comfortable fhttnlhine of worldly favours; Purely howfoeuer their fecuritie may be much more, yettheirdans ger is not abated, yea rather it is much increafed. Forbeing thus encalmed, they haue neither powernorwill togo. for- ward to the bleffed hauen ofeternal' happineffe, but con- trariwife being bewitched with thole Syrens fongsof car- oall.alluringpleafitres, they call thcmfelucsheadlong into the guileofperditon,they now deuonring them whichbe- fore allured theih. This damerby another is thus expreffed: Thisworld(iaith he)is toChr,/lianf a dangerousfea :forat the AmbroGirt fe4beingtitrredwithaduerfeflormesdothirzount4loft,audcaar-Rotn.3 feth e tempefi to thepaffenQers ; fo the world being maned with the canif f iracie ofwicked men, cloth trouble the mindel of the faithfil,.