Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

r 4 'That the world/54f mö!i alangerotee ettemie, andofour ownedaies, and takea viewofthofe trophies of viaorie, which the world bath erected in all ages for the eternizing ofhis owne glorie; and you fhall finde that the greatef{ Potentates ofthe earth, the great Commanders of conquering armies, they who haue moll excelled in wife- dome and policie,in power and fortitude,in temperance and in all other ciuill and morall verrues, haue after all theirvi- êories,binvanquifhed by the world,fettered in thechaines ofhisvaniti'es,tied to histriumphant chariot;offcring them - felnes euen after they haue fubdued thegreatefl part of the earth, to become the worlds {lanes and fvorne vaffals, for the bate andcontemptible wages,eitherofwindie honors, Vncertaine riches,orcarnal( pleafures. Neither bath this but the cafe of the worlds denoted feruants onely,but of the floicall contemners ofthe world, who hauing cafl downe thegauntlet ofdefiance, and as it were challenged to fight with it in fingle combat ; haueat vnawares receiued fogies, in the very time ofchallenge, with their owneweapons, af- feeling the praife ofthe world bytheir difpraifes of it, and being tickled with vaine plcafure, whiled theyhauedeclai- med agztinfl the vanitie ofpleafures; and when asby the waight oftheir arguments they }lane ouercome their epi- curifh aduerfaries,'theirifelues haue been ouercomewith pleafure no leffe vain and carnali, although more fubtile and refined.Yea thispouffant eneiniehathnot onlyconque= red the heathen multitude, and ruled amongll them as an vniuerfall Monarch,(for ifthis were all,his power werenot fo terrible, feeing theyvvanted-a Captaine to guide them, fpirituall eyes to dire&them,and the fluieldof faith which might beate backe the force of the worlds furies) but notcontented with his bwne territories and dominions, he bath made fearefull inrodes euen into the holy land , and bath fought many fierce battels in the middefl of Gods vifiblrinonarchie,`vanquifhing lone of6ods profefled feruants through their owne treacherie or cowardiz.e,and leading them captiueto doe his will ; foilingMany of his great Worthies, through their fecure negligence; and finallymurtheringand killing(thoughnpt ouercomrning) others