Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

That the irorldit a mo,7 daagerow enemie. Iv othets,who refitted his furie and would not yeeld.In the forma ranke was Sanl,whomofGods eleeted and anoin- ted king,hc ruade hjs owne denoted vafhall; Abfalon,who a ofthe forme ofaholy and religious king,he made with the baize of honour a bloodthirfcie rebell, and (it is to be lea- red)the Tonne of perdition ;Dona:, who o.fa difciple be- came anapoftate;and ludas,who being hiredwith the wa- ges ofiniquitie,ofan Apoflebecamea dinell. In the fecond was iu(t Noah foiled with intemperance, righteous Lot de- filed with filthie incelt;the tenne Patriarkes,fomeofwhich were ouercome with lußr,fome Rained with blood,and all ouerborne withpride and bitter enuie; holyDaeid,fir1t de- filed with lufl,and then embrued %kith innocent blood, the feare ofGod fora time being beaten back with the feare of loíing his credit in the world: religious Ezechias fwolne with acruell blowofvaingloric which the world ganehim, through his great conceit of his riches and treafures; a difeafe much more dangerous then that (welling fore, of which through the mercie ofGod hehad recoucred. And to thefe wemight adde the throng Sampfan,and thewifeSa- lomon,whom the world ouercameby his female forces; and the Difciples themfelues,enuying one anothers greatneffe, and contending for fuperioritie there, where the meaner inferiour is much more glorious then the earths greateft Monarch. Inthe tail march that armie ofglorious Martyrs, again(t whom the world raged with barbarous crueltie, and fo farce prevailed in the Ci ht,that hee foiled, yea mur- thered their bodies,thoughhee couldnot hurt their foules, they being inuincible andimmortall. But leaning former ages, let vs come vnto our owne, ß,Sec` .g. where we mayobferuea world ofvicaories,which the world The powerof hath.through his force and.eunningobtained,euen in there the m rtdfhay. latter times,which are toll frefh in our memories and daily ednie h e,IPe fubiedt to our view. And to fay nothing of the barbarous pnfent timer. Heathen and wilde Indians, who fcarce acknowledge any other mallet (vnleffe it bee the princeof the world) nor ex- peét any other wages but what ispaid vetothem outOf the worldsexchequer ;topaffeby the Tulles and Saracens, the w orli?s