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20 Reafens moltingvstàfQhtaaainf l theworld. steeejjtienfthis we 11-tall fightagaiufl God,there beingoppofition between ftgbt,feeing the the them-without ineane,and therefore no neutralitie admitted; worldareehe- butwhofoeuer ioyncth not with God,is on theworlds part; mies to God. whofoeuerloueth theworld hateth God,and who fo loueth God hateth the world. This is plaine,lam,4.4Knomyounot Iames4.4. that the amitie oftheworld is emnitie with God? whefoener therefore?bdl beafriendofthe world,maketh himfilfe theene- mieofGod. And the Apoflle lohn vfeth it as anargument to diffwadevs from.the loueofthe world, becaufe wee cannot rIoh.a.t5 loue the world and God too. Ifanyman (faith hre)louethe world, the lone ofthefather is not in him. For as foone as the loue ofGod is fhed abrode in our hearts, it moueth vs to loue him againe,who hath thus dearely louedvs,andlouing him to loue his friends alfo, & tohatehis enemies.As foone as we are reconciled untoGod andbecome his feruants, we prcfently oppofe againf%all chofe who makeoppofition a- gainfl ourLord and mailer, and when as wee are made his fonnes by adoption andgrace, we eannot chufe inourfiliall affedlion,but takeour fathersparc,breaking offallfriendfhip with tholewhich are his enemies,andmakingwarreagaihfl thofewho fight againfi him. To this purpofe the Apofile Tit.z.u.1z. faith,that asjione no thegroce ofqod, chat is, the do&ine of grace andreconciliation,dorhapp'rare, it teachethvs to dente vngodlwes,andworldly lufis,and tolinefoberly, and righteoufly syrdgodly in this prelimworld. So that-theloue oftheworld and the loue of God, peace with theworld,andpeacewith God,wiÿxiot hand together. And therfore theApofile Paul, faith,that Demaeforfvoke him, and together withhim. the feruice ofGod, when he began to imbrace theworld. And our Sauiourtellethvs plainly, that no mancanfern chefs two mafters,being fo oppofed one againfl the other, for either he Match>644.. ¡hallhate the one,and lone the other, er elf.he(hall leans to the one, anddefpifethe other : yee cannot (faithhe)fernGodand mammon.Aswell.thenmaywe reconcile fire andwater,light and darknes, righteoufnes and vnrighteoufàes, aria -and Belial,asGod and theworld: and therefore when lehofa- phat,though otherwifea godlyKing,wouldhauebin friends toboth, the Lord fendethlehntheProphet vntohint with an