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Reafonsmooing vs tofight againf theworld. f d wemoil truft it,becattfe(faith he) the fafsian of this worldgo ethaway,or as the words may more fitly fignifie,becaatié the beware andglorie ofthis worlddochfeduce vs, and likea Falk guide mifleadeth in diretrting. The other, r.Ioh.z.15. Lone r.Ioh.z.t . not the tborld,northe things thatare in the world,&c. The fecond argument may be taken from the paflion of4.Sett.2. Chri(l : for hee (led his preciousblood to cleanfe vs from The /mend rea- thefeworldly and wicked lofts, andviftorioufly triumphed Ion taken from curt the world vponhis croffe on our behalfe,not that wee thePa11`on0/ Mould yeeld our felues to the fubic&tion thereof againe, being thus dearely redeemed from it, not that wee fhould frill haue our hearts and affelions fait nailed to the earth, andglued as it were vnto worldly vanities , but that wee Mould contemne and tread them vnder our feete, as being partners in his vi6iorie, and that being rifen with Chrß, in glorious triumph ouer them,wefhouldfeehe thofe things that Co1.3.r.z, are aboue,where Chr fttethat the right hand ofGod,andfet our aft/itons on thing that are above, andnot on thing. r hick are on theearth. And though our abode be vpon theearth, yet our conuerfationfhould be in hearten, from hence weelocke Phil.3.zo. for a Sateiourtutu the Lord lefus Chrifi; in companion of whole infinite worthweare with the ApoftlePaulto caeca, all earthly things draft and dung, yeaeaten lore that weemay verLe, gainehim. And this argument the Apoltle Peter vfeth to en- couragevs to fight against and forfake worldly lulls : r.Pet. 4.r.For as muchas (brig bath fufferedfor vs in the fle/h,arme r.Pet.4.t.1, jour felues like's ifewith thefamemende,which is,that hee a huh bathfia/fëred in thefe/h, bath ceafed from flint, 2. That hee henceforward fhould liue(ae much timeas remaineth in t hefefh) not after the ¡tifs ofmen,bast after the willofGod. 3. For it it juficient for vs thatwee haue"pent thetime pa/I oft/selifeafter the lug oftheGentiles,walking inwantonnes,luffs, drunkennes, inglutronee, drinking:, and en abominable idolatries, tic. a- mongft which one of the moll hainous and commonelt is,to fet vp the world as an idoli in our hearts, which fhould bee the temple oftheholy Choft. The third argument is taken from vnauoidable neeeliitie: Seçi. , forfirft it is neccfiarie that we fight againstthe world,or elfeThe third rea- C z we fon taken from