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fieafonsmowing vstofghtagainf the world. 2 S The la(l argument tomoue vs, is the great reward which 4,Seff, f o. accompanieth this viólorie, forhawingfought thiagoodfght, Them"?rearon wemay affuredlyexpeól,with the' blefï'edApoflle,acrowne taken limey, ofrighteoufnelli; and to raigne with Chrifl in glorie,as him- rewa*dwhich felfe hath-pronnifed ; Apoc.3.21.Tohim (faith he) thateuer- accompanied) commeth,rrill /grantrefit with meinmy throne,euen as Ieuervte. came,andfitrvithmyfather in his throne. Yea we (hall enioy Áp .8. all bleflcdne(fe and happineffe,for (hall haue the fruition ofGod himfelfe, and together with him enioy all good things.Forfoheprortni feth,Apoc.2 t .7. He that auercotnmeth Ibiza inherit all things, and lwill be his God, and heftedbe my [vine.What therefore though in this confliól we lofe,or be driuen toferfakg houfes,or breihren,orliflers,orfather, or me- Matth.rsas. ther,erwife,orchildren or lands, for Chriffs names f ke, feeing wee fhall haue the worthof thefe benefits redoubled veto vs ahundredfold,euen in this life inGods fpirituall graces, and in the world to come (hall inherit euerla(ling lifc?What ifwebedriuen for amoment oftime,tobeare the eafie bur- thenof foine light alicclion,ifwee fnall afterwards be- re- 2.Cor.4,1 7. warded with afarre moll excellent and an ecernall waight ofglorie ? Yea what though in this fight wee lofe a tempo- rarie life,ifwemay be rewarded with life eternal!, and that Lukez14.. glorieand happineffewhichdoth accompanie it ? And chefe arc the reafonswhich-may ìncourage-all Chri- 4.Secei.I r. Glans to encounter this fpirituall enemie ofour faluation ; Now weare now ifwewould know howwee may thus fight againfl the raid to fight a- worldandbe affuredallo that wee haue obtained viólorie <gain(t the"714 we are laid thirsto combat with it,whenwe refill and Duet`- z roi`btaiue come all worldly tentations, which moue or draw vs veto finne; andmore efpecially,whcn being allured to commit finne, or to negleaany dutie whichGod requireth, by the worldly baites ofriches,pleafures,and preferrnents,weedoe renounce there worldly lulls, and contemn thefe ba -le of- fers, preferring farm before them our obedience towards God,and the reward thereof,his lóue and fauour in this life, with all other his fpirituall gifts and graces,and the eternal! ioyes of his kingdotne; referued for vs in the life to come. Andcotttrariwife when being.difcouragedin ourcourfe of Clui(lianitk,