Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

26Ofthe twofortsofweapons wherwith the world afaulreth vs. Chriflianitie,or rrged and enforced to commit any (inne, with croffes,troubles,af iEtious and perfecutions which the world and wicked worldlings raifeagainfl vs,weearme our felucs with patience to beare the brunt of the worlds furie, accounting (inne the greatefl euill,and the burthen ofGods wrath due veto it the grcatefl torment ; and therefore chufe rather toendure any extremitie, yea tohaue our lines taken away,withmoli exquifice tortures, thenwee will be forced to make lhipwrack ola good confcience, or incurre the dif- pleafure of our moll gracious God by committing any (inne. CHAP. IIII. OfIkemanner ofthe worlds fight,andhow heaffaulteeb vs,en the onefide with prafforitie,and on the other fidewith aduerf tie. Hus hauing difcouered the worlds forces, and incouraged euerie Chriflian fouldier to the fight: let vs in the next place confider of the i chicle and rnoftpreuailing weaponswhich lice vfetl oouerthroty vs,and obtains the viclorie,and the ma- ner ofhis warring withvs in the dayofbattell.His weapons and munition areof twoforts, either his allurements and baits, wherewithhee inticeth vs vntoGnne,referucd againfl the day of battell in the fiorchoufe ofprofperitie; or his weapons ofafflic`iion andperfecution, whereby hee feeketh to daunt and difcourage vs in our Chriflianmarch, & chufe vs to makea fland,or retire back,and fhamefully fleeaway, which he floreth vp in the armorieofaduerfitie. The former may bee called his bullets andgunfhor,which kill at Yna- wares,we not feeing or knowingwho hurt vs: the other his fwoìds and fpeares,more terrible in light, but leffedange- rous in theirvfe, becaofe beingplainly fubieíi to our view, wee may better defend our felues againfl them,and repel( their force,either bywarding,or declining. Themanner ofhis warring with vs, is either by perfwa- ding 4.Ses1.f. With vvhat weapons the worldafoul. Seth vs. g.Scta.s.