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Ofprojycrltie. 29 other places. The giucr therfore Both fufficientiy commend the gift, and comming fromMoles a reward it muff needes be good. Secondly, the Lord loneth and raketh e delight in Pfal.; 5.zy. thepro(jierity ofhisferuants,asthe Pfalmifl plainly affirmeth; and it is the goodof his Saints, and not their hurr,where= with he is fowell picafed. Thirdly,profperitie in it felt is a motiuecaufc tomake vsréder to the Lord prailes & thankf- giuing,and is the Pubic& matterofour Hymnes and religi- Pala r sal. T ; ous fongs,as may plentifully appeare in the bookeofDauidr Pialmes :now as it isgood to praife God, fo that is good for which wee praife him. Fourthly,theferuants of God haue prayed veto him for thisprofperitie,and that both for themfelues, and allo for the whole Church. Ofthe former wee haue an example : Pfal. ti8.25.O Lord Ipray thee fanePfal.uS.xp. now :O Lord'!pray theegiue now profJieritie.Of the other: Pfal.522.7. Pence be within thy ivaIles, andpros,eritielbithinPfa}.izi.7. thy palaces. Lady, it is made a figne ofGods fauourable prefence with his feruants,and thus the Lord is Paid to haue been with Iofeph,fortbhatfoenerhedidhe made it toprof/ser. So Gen.39.z.z3. it isfaid of`Dauid,that hepro f erectandgrew,for theLordGod z, o fho f s was withhim. Andof Ez,echiat,that theLordwas with him,andheprof/tered inall things' phich he tooke inhand And thus it appeareth that profperitie in it Idle is good : 4.Sec7.4. but being confidered inour vfe, it is not abfolutely good, That prolperitie but indifferent,both in refpe& ofthc fubie&and the vfe; for inrefpeEt ofour it is good to thegood,euili tothe cuill ; good to thofe who vfe,u °fan tn- well vfe it,and cuill in tholewho abate itvnto finde. In the dfferet former refpe& profperitie is good whenit is enjoyed by a faithful man,who being inChrill,hath recouered that right inall Gods bleflings which we loft inAdam. In the other, when it commethveto him by liwfull meanes, as the gift and blefling ofGod; andbeingetiioycd, is fan&ifed veto him by the word ofGod and prayer : as altowhen as it is moderatly loued and dcfired, with a willingnes to hold it, as long asGod will,.and weemay bylawfull meanes ;and with contentednes to leaue it,when it pleafeth -Godto take lob"' itfrom vs. Finaily,it is good whenas it is vied and imployed for the aduancement of Gods glorie, who is the fountaine end