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3° Ofprofperitie, and giuerof it, the benefit ofthe faithful!, and the furthe- ringofour owne faluation. And if any fuchenioyprofperi. . tie and thus vfe it, in this manner, and to thefe ends, itis to bee accounted vnto them Gods fingular blefiìng, and as a tempor all pledge of eternal! happineffe. Butcontrariwife, profperitie is cuill to the wicked and vnregenerate, who haue no right vntoCods creatures,asalto when it is vnlaw_ fully compaffed, and naughtily vied, as when it is immode- rately lottedand defired, namely, above God,his heavenly -Plat tempi- bleffiings,and fpirituall graces :for as one faith, it is the con. fcenriamandi ete i cence ofthe world, andnot theworldit felfe that hurteth Paul fab,?an- vs. So all()when aswe fo dote vpon it, that we cannot with tianocet.ner-;Mat.r9patience thinke ofleauing it, and immoderately mourne whenit is taken from vs; which careful! poffefiìonand not fitnply thevfe is condemned. To this purpofe theHeathen .Ait¡fitdebere man fpeakethdiuinely: Atrifeman(faithhe)mould bane thefe contemni ;non thingsco'atemned, not that theyfhould not behad,6utthat they ne habeat,a- Jhould not bepofefled with care ;he !billnot drone them away brat; nonati. from him, but iftheybe going he willfollow themfecurely,&c. get ill,:à je, fed Heloueth not ricbes,but hehad ratherhaue them thenbe with- abeuntiafens. out them ; bee recetuetb them not into his heart, but into his rut profegaetur, bottle ; neither cloth he refufe them beingpoffeled, but keeperh vita de them,and defiretb to Lanemore large matter or uell mini red beat.cap. X f f nr, to exercifehis vertue.Finally,profperitie is euill to thole who are therebymade more forgetfullofGod, andnegligent in performing the duties ofh is feruice, snore injuriousto men, and more flack in vfing the meanes of their faluation. But ofthefe points I flail haue occafion to fpeake morehere- after when I intreate of the chicle parts of this profpe- ride. 8e}í. s. And thuswee are to diflinguifh betweeneprofperitie it That meare apt íélfe which is good, and the abufe thereof which is edill ; to abate our in which refpehl alone weare toelleeme it the worldsfriend profperitie vntoand afïiílant, whereby he tempteth vs, and our enemie, fanne. whichwe mull labour to overcome: and therefore for di- flinélion fake, let vs, ifyou pleafe, in this difcourfe call it worldly and carnal! profperitie, becaule it is abufed as a tentation of the world, to inflame our corrupt flefh with concupifceuce _ ......,...^ .,.. -.-