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Of thedangereufiies ofworldyprofperitie. 3 1 concupifcence and Panne. Vntowhich abufe we arenatural- ly exceeding prone for asfruiteisuntoachilde,libertic to the licentious,cockring loue to an vndutiful foune,a fword to a mad man,beautie to the lafciuious,andgood drinke to afilthie drunkard,fuch is worldly profperitie voto vs. And hence it is that the Lord like a wife Phyfition (feeling our pulfe,andfinding that our nature inclineth vs tothis pluri- rife of' profperitie, whereby ourbrames are fo intoxicated, as wee forget God and all goodnelk ) doth purpolelyla- bour to preuent ir,and maketh wholefomepreferuatiues of admonitions to keepe vs from it, in many places of holie Scriptures, ashereafter we (hallfee. In the meane while we mayobferue the exceeding corruption of our vile nature, which fopoyfoneth and infe&eth Gods good gifts & blef. fings,that they become caufes and occaftons of euitl : and whereas the Lord through the infinite goodneffe ofhis na- ture,bringeth good out of euill, and by affli&ions, which are ill in their own nature,worketh ourgood euenour con. uerfion,fan&ification & faluation,we contrariwifethrough thediuelli(h tainture ofour (inne turne good into euill,and out ofGods benefits, and richblefíings, worke our owne woe, and haflen and fet forward (vnlefle God preuent vs with his grace)our owne defl:ru&ion anddamnation.- CHAP. V. Ofthedastgeroufnes of*oddlyprofperitie. Ow hauing feene whatthis worldly profperitie is, .SP¿i< y. and in what refpe&itisour enemy, namely,when thattt 1v r.'dr it is a tentation of theworldto allurevs vnto fin, tentarto en (as it is veto all thofewho imiiioderately loueand Cet their the'rigrt hand hearts vpon it, more then vpon heauenly and fpirituall dange- things)letvs in the next place confider ofthedangeroufiaes ofthere worldly tentations which are on the right hand, that accordingly wee may prepare our fettles to maké refi- nance. The danger of worldly profperitie is excecdin great; for as by Hippocrates rule the height ofhealth is th