Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

Ofthedangeroufnes ofworldlyprofperitie. 35 Paidto beprefent,which areabvaiesmalleable andmutable) and maJlturnethy winde from that which (brill harp pramifed, andnotyet giuen(but willgiue becaufehet isfaithfuli)and rell thy hopesvpon this neuerrifling andperilhtngworld? Whereofit is that Godmixeth bitternswith the freebies ofearthlyfelici_ tie,thatwemay feeke after another feltcitie,whofe fweetnes will not deceiue vs. And inanother place : O world(faith he)fl- o munde im. thie,fraudulentand trecherous; art thou not muchmore d-an- mrtndela!!ax gerouswhen thou artkinde, thenwhen thouart trouble/owe?art qud norraperin- thounot much more to befearedwhrlefl thou allure/! then whi- culo ¡tor e+r blari- leflthoudef tfefl ?art thou not muchmore odroms whsle/l thou dos gaammole- diffemble/l loue, then when thouprofe /fl mortal! hatred?To flu, iAugu(i. the fame purpofe fpeaketh that learned Idiote ; e/ilrhou`h falla- faith he) emery a ate is tobefeared, yet rather theprolperous Ciarrundi,com. eflate then the afiEled,becaufe this, whilefi it rageth,informeth fdtota rnteror- andteachethvs,the other while/l it fattereth,feducethvs ; this rhodoxogr.lib. fbarpnethamansfight, but the otherwakethhim flarke blinde. dopaitene, vere Omy God,exceedin l art thou incen eda ain that tînner,vn- conttmplatione, Y gY f caps. towhom thoupermittell all things to fucceed according to his wifh,andafterwards makefl him to beare deferued punifhment. Let vs therefore bee alwaies watchfull ouer our (clues, but efpecially when the world fawneth vpon vs in the time of profperitie, for is is more dangerous being our friend, then Auguft.epih. being our enemie, and more to be taken heedeof when it 144.tom.a. inticeth vs toloue it, then when it forcethvs to contemne it ; foritfmileth thatitmay rage,itflattereth that it may betrayÁrridet man- vs,it inticeththat it may killvs, and exalteth that it may osier- drfrr t t throwvs. Althoughtherfore this dangerous(ea lookethfmoeth, b falláaat,illiút vt andas it were[wiling vpon thee, likeaflanding *arm-, and loath occidat,exeollit fcarce a wrinklerailed on it by the winde;yet this large plaine yrdeprimat. hath great hils,the danger iswithin included,within theenemie Cy Tian. lurkerh.Weigh thereforeyour ankere,hoife vpyourfalles, let the Nrerony:r.aa cro a be a ned to the wile_ ard, for this calme will roue a Heliodorum, fT i ,f ,Y f p corn.r.pag.;. tempeil. But how farre the /lateofprofperitie is more dangerous §.Secri 4. and pernicious then the flare of aduerfitie, it wayhereby Thefruitsofaf_ more cleerelyappeare; in that whereasafietion common -11 (lion much lymakethvs careful!ofour waies,increafeth Gods fpirituall bettor benof D a graces,