Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

34 Ofthe dangeroufnesofworldlypro eritie. hurt with delight,andwhilefl they feeme to nourifb,cafl vs intoa lethargicor dead fleepeofdeepe fecuritie. Finally, he inflialeth onvs no grieflywounds, nor bringeth vs to our end by a foule death; but as it were rickleth vs to death with inueigling pleafures, making vs moil to laugh when weeare moll tormented, and in a chariot ofgold,ftrawed with rofes,he fwifclycarrieth vs intohell. 4.Sea.3. Let vs therefore learne to contemne and hate theworld That wore our wicked enemie,aswell when hee fawnerhas when hee moltcartfslly frowned], whenhe allureth by flatterie and deceit, as when, the when conaraineth by force and violence :for though hee be the moytd Y g itfswnetb on then moreamiable in view, yet is bee no leffe malicious in vs.. truth ; and becaufe hee is then lefléfufpeded,bee is much more daugerous,as hauing better opportunitie tovie all his . forces;and to effe&all his malicious defignes. Why then, alas, fhould wee glue care to the worlds flatteries ? why Mouldwe beleeue this difl'embling Ioa6who will mortally flabvs, whilefl hee profeffeth friendfbip, and offereth in kindneffe toembrace and kiffe vs?why fhouldwee liften to this fweete tinging Syren, feeingthe bewircheth in deligh- ting, and makethvs leape into the feaofdeflruélion ?why fhould his flattering perfwafions, ioyned with crocadile teares,mouevs,feeing heeither wcepeth for ioy to thinkon his pray,or for (pite becaufe his hopes are fo long deferred ?- why fhould the glorious beanie ofhis golden cup allure vs,feeing we know that thepotion within it is full ofdead- lypoyfon,which whofoeuer drinke (hall eternally perifh? whyfhould webe moued with hisinciting gifts to admire his kindnes,feeing by thefebai teshe allureth vs to fwallow the hookes of inne, andoffereth thefe carnali toyes and earthly trifles,no leffevaine in themfelues,then motnentany in their continuance,that he may cofenvs in theexchange, . mouing vs to giue for them the precious jewels ofGods graces,andour heauenlypatrimonieinhiskingdome. To Auguíl.enae- this purpofe one fitlyfpeaketh : Hongreat things (faithhe) ruinPfal.67. Both thezvorldÎpeaeevnto thee?bowgreat things dothit cla- totn.8, mourbehinde thee tointicethee toloo&e.acke,that istofay,that thou maiflplace thy hopein thiogsprefent(ifat leaff theymaye