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CH A P.3. concerning Creation. AM. 69 miningof our particular anions, eyther with them or 3gainll them ; called therefore Conscience ; as if you would fay, A knowing with or before God, vpon a right e t m,nationofour wages in hisfight, Secondly,Memory to lay vp in our minds the things which weeknow and vnderfland. The will is a facultìe, freely choofing whatfoeuer it felfe pleafeth,and mouing vs to doe it and this bath the foueraigne command la euery one, for therefore we doe a thing, not becaufe we thinke it ought to be done, but because we will doe it vnder thename of will I conrnprehend(in this place)afwel the defire onely,which is before and without content, as that which moil properly & in common fpeech, is onely termed the will, when a fettled and full content is come. And here affections are the fame, that confcience is its the mind. Not Feuerall or diflin&& faculties, but parts or motions of thewill, diuerfly inclining it to this or that appearing good , according to the ditterfitieof obieeîs that are offered , ofLoue, Hatred, Ioy, Sorrow, Anger, and fuch like. Such a free.will wee may truly fay there is by nature, both in men and Angels: for God bath let thebeginning ofmotion in themfelues. Albeit, bee oncly haueall ab- folute freedome in him, upon whom dependeth the will ofall other Creatures , which hee holding the reines his owne hands, fwayeth and ruleth which way it plea- feth him. But to take freedome from the will , were to dearoy the will it felfe. The Sadduces,who laidthat there was neitherAngell nor Spirit,Ai s 24.8. but held good Angels to bee onely good thoughts and motions flirted vp ofGod inmen,or happy faccetTe comming from God, and euill angels to bce euill lusts and affefions proceeding from the corruptionof our nature. As touching the reafo- nable Creatures them- felues : In the Angels ge- nerally I confider: Firl+, that theybe Spi- rits, that is to fay, innifi- ble and incorporeal! fob- fiances , Persons liuing F 3 0114