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Ili Gs P z. Pet.24. 7áp'/ctpcv. 9 Ioá to. zz.. r Luke S.; T. f mat.1. 1:. t Lake 8.31. The firft Booke ofDittinitie, CH A P. 3, u r.Pet.3.r9. x z.Pet.:.4. y lude verfe 6.. tranf;reffe, Peter a giueth it a name, which fignifiethof much as a place of terrible confufed darkencffè , whereof that which q lob fpeaketh touching the graue , is much more to be verified, that there be no orders there, noalte- rationc ofttmes,and feafons,fometimes darke,fometimes l ight,bart wh rtfeeuerfbineth mofigs ad thefhadowofdeath, continual' night, and a whole day, as a man may fay, of darkneffe : for out of the Kingdome of Heauen there is no light at all. Therefore are the heires of that King- dome termed, The r Tonnes of Light. And contrariwife, this place the f outer darkneffe , Luke t calleth it, The deepe of bottomleffe Guile , placed beneath , as a mofa deepe and darke Dungeon: a Foule and hideous Prifon,as Peter. nameth it,wheu he faith,that Chrifl by thepower of his God-head in the Miniflcrieof N o A H, preached to the fpirits now in Prifon. And againe, x that the An- gels which finned, are kept there in chaînes of darkencfTe or as "'Iv D E hath it,?with euerlaging bonds under darke- neff,as in a Gaole,vnto the lodgement ofthe (rear Day. Weehaue done with the World , made for there rea- fonable Creatures. Come wee now to the reafonable Creatures themfelues , and fit 1 +, of the parts of reafon, corne to them both, vnderflanding and will. The under- flanding part in men (for diffinion fake, and our better conceìutng of it) wee commonly terme the minds , the will in them is properly called the foule; although the reafonable fouie comprehendingboth be but one. In the vnderflanding part ,two faculties are compre- hended. Firfl,Knowledge,that teacheth what we ought to doe, and is the Fountaine and beginning not onely of the o- ther faculties,,,but of all the Aecions and Motionsofour fife, Under this, two other faculties are comprehended, ludgement,or Wifdome,which is the top and perfcElirr of k iowledge for difcerning of things that differ, and .co:fcience, wl}tcb is a part ofour vndcrfianding , deter- mining,