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CH A r. 3. concerning Creation. if fanableCfoule, being a fpiritual!,and therefore immortal! fubf}ante. Secondly, The facultie of(peaking, proper vnto hi, whereupon the tongue is calledour glorie, bccaufe it the infhrument wherebywee glorifie-God, and excel! all ParthlyCreatures,as mayappeare, ifyouconferre Pf 1mc r6.9.with Aar 2.26. for that which the PfalmiPi faiths Therefore myheart if glad,andmyglory reioyceth,&c.P E T E zi rendreth, Aidny tongue reioycetb, &c. And in this fence it is life taken, Ffa1.3o.i 2, and Gen,49.6. Thirdly, The c two fens that God created in this na- c G n°rt%° eure, Man, and Woman ; Man thehead and chicle ; Wo- man the comfort and companionofhis life, given for a helpe vntohim, as the words ofGod import, Gen.s, z 8 It is not goodforman to bee alone : Iwillmake him a belie fitfor birn : and the manner of her Creation , being out of the Rib ofman : for which caufe,Adam himfelfe ac- a Got.1.1,3, knowlcdgeth, that Thee was a helper given of God vnto him : Best that man is theheadofthe woman, the Apo.flIe plainly fpeaketh, z.C'or.z z.t,7.where healto calleth him the image andglorie of Gad , carrying the marke of his foueraigntie and dominion,not onely ouer other Crea- tures; but in refpe9 ofthe woman her felfe, who is like- wife Paid to bee the glorie ofman , becaufe it is his ho- nour, to haue fuch an excellent Creature fubieet to him. This foueraigotie of the man over the woman , is decla- red in the Scriptures by diuers Arguments. Firfi, by the matter whereofíhee was made, being e takenont ofman. e=n,Z3- »As it is, z.C'or.i i.8. Forman is not of thewoman , 6nt wo- manoftheman.Sccondly,By the end ofher creation,as it followeth is the fame place : Formanwas not createdfor thewoman,6ut the womßfar thy man: that is, for the folace and comfort of his life.Tbirdly,by the time and order of the Creation,i .7ím.2. i 2,13./ permit not a woman to take authority otter the man ; for ADAM wasfirfformed , and themEvE. Fourthly, By f e/1dams takingof authoritie fGeu.2,13. F 4 to