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1117.10 7 Z The firftr Booke ofDirtinitie, CH A P. 3, g n h°vDC r\ß*T7 h Ge71.2,21,2,a, Of nothing. i HeL.H1.r3. k P¡1,;3.6. I Pfal,r48.. m Gea,r.3 giY40>13.. o.:leb,rt.3. to impofe a name upon her. And lafIly,by the very name of woman which he giueth , dcriued from man , out of whom Thee was taken. Fourthly,Ti at of eyther fexe hee created but one A- dam, and one Erie, h whom hee ioyned in holy Marri- age, for thepropagation ofMankind. The fecond thing to beeob{erued is , ex cl>so , whereof they were made, viz,. of nothing , onely by his mighty powerfull Word. So as the things wee fee, were not made ofthings that do ap- peare,as the i Apotlle faith to the He- brewes, that is,were shade ofnothing, Tykthe word of I EHOVAH,asitisinthePfalmes,the kieanens weremade, and by the breach ofhis Month all the hoff of them. So it is in the 148.1 Pfalsne, Hecommanded, and they were created. This appeareth evidently in the Hi(lorie ofthe Creation , thorowout all theparts : God 1111:lid, Let there bee Light, and there was Light: And fo in the tell'. God therefore needed not (as filly men doe) ßnffe or matter to worke upon ; hee needed not tooles or other infiruments, neyther vied bee the ayde or helpe ofany t.ffnlalit; as the n Prophet teacheth vs, when hee cryeth out , who holpe the Spirit of I E Hoy A TT ? or as a >lïzn of his connfellgane him Knowledge? And this being againti the couríè of nature, and contrarie to the beaten axiome ofall Philofophie, that of nothing it is impof6le any thing ¡horsldcome, is worthily made a fruit of Faith for then to belecue the © Apofile bearing vritnes,that 6y faith oriel), wee vnderftand it: for howfoeuer manyof the Heathen who knew not God , efpecially the wifer fort, haue in a kind acknowledged a Creation : Neyther in trueth can any be fo blockifla, as nor to fee it, ifhe looke but vp to Heauen , and the frame of this World , which haue the name of their WJorkeman ard Creator written,. in their fore-head :yet nneuer was there any ,not fo much as T1boíe that held all or force of the Creatures , whether Angelsor the foules ofmen tobeemade or traduced Os they call it ) out ofGods owneeirctu_e.