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THE FJRS:T BOOKE OF DIVINITIED OF GOD THE CREATOß. CHAPTER I. OfGoD the FATHER. , the SoNNE9_ and the HOLY GHOST, Iuinitie is a Doetrine of glorifying God whereof therebee two parts : One that concerneth God: The other, concerning Emanuel,God with vs. God is feh©uah, three Perforas, Iehouah ,which is, Beeing or Perfe- ¿ion it felre, fgnifieth a Nature that bath all good,nd perfect things in a molt perfeet and incommunicable manner. The perfe61 things inGA, betide Life , Vnder(lan ding, and Will , (withc3ut whichnoperfcaton can bee) are Ilolineffe and Rio edneffe, iolineffe is the puritie of his Nature; from whence cornmech a Righteoufncffe in all his Waycs , fpecially feene :ovs in foute chiefe and principal) Verrues , which in the ; cripturc:vou. (hall find for the moll part to goe bycouples or payres. 11:c.;