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TheChiefe Points The fink couple are Kindnnffe and Truth: Kindnefje, in being ready to bellow all good things.. Truth,faithfully to perforrne whatfoeuer he fpeaketh. The other couple are Iutice and Merj,flowing from the former. Ius`iice, to render to curryonehis due. Mercy, inbeing ready to helpe in time ofneed. This is the Holineffeof G o D, and his Ríj hteoufnsffe Gemming from it ; Bleffedneffe is his All- fufficiency of things that make one happy; and flandeth in Kingdome and Power, or Glorie. K:ngdome, is his Soueraignty ofcommandingwhat- foeuer he will. Power, his ableneffe to doe whatfoeuer hee comman- deth. Glorie, comprehendeth all the excellencies of his Na- ture; as Wifedorne, and other Graces of the mincie, Strength, Comlinefle and Beautie, Gracioufneffe,or an amiable and lonely Nature : a complete furniture of Riches, Honour and of all kind of Pleafures and De- lights. Thefe are the Perfe6t themfelues: His perfect and in- communicable manner of hauing of them, is Infinite - neflreand Eternitie. Infiniteneffe, wherebyhe is without circumfcription, and therefore of a mof2 tingle Nature ( that whatfoeuer is in God is God himfelte) and therefore alfa inuifible and incomprehenfible. Eternitie, whereby Hee is without beginning or en... ding ; and therefore ofhimfelfe and vnchangeable. This is it we meane by I n H o v A H who upon all that bath been: faid, is, nor canbe but One. The three Perlons areeach ofthem that one Iehoualo diuerily fubfifling; and are theFather, and theSonne, or the Holy Ghosts, TheFather is a Perron, who from ali eternitie bath begotten the Sonne. The