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CH A ï'.3 o concerning Creation. î; as the wifefl of them , that could attayne to this , How the World thouldbe made of nothing. Heere therefore all reafon ofman mull: floope , and be content to learne of' him , in whofe Schoole it is better to bee Schollers , then Teachers and, Profeffors any where betides; who not onelymaketh men wifer then the beaufs of the field, as it is in the P Bookeof/o6 but teacheth his wifedome p 35.1r, aboue the wifedome of the wile and guideth them by pathes that no footeofvaine Philofophie is able for to walke. Thirdly, I note the order and manner how all chit- was effcoted. Fir(t, The Angels, and their World the highefl Hea- liens, were without more adoe immediatly made of no- thing : But for men and the World,which here wee fee, it was fomewhat in another fort. For touching the World it felfe: Firfl, God minding tocreel fuch a large and goodly Theater, Wherein hee would make full demonCitation of his incomparable both Power, Wifedome and Good nlífe, g framed firfl an ernotie an vnfhapen lumpe, with- 9 GC 'Sr.T22 out fafh.ion, without forme called Waters , for the vaI? hugeneffe of it , Darknefl'e for the confufon and lacke of forme; and the Deepe, for the emptineffe without bot - tome to reft vpon, which , lefl st thould vanifh and come to nothing, hauing no fieaddinef e tovphold it, the Spi- rit ofGod lay vpon it, and ouetfpred it,tokeepe it from decay. Secondly, Out of this lurnpe and unformed confufon didGod afterwards distinctly forme this World, and all the parts of it. Firf}, thofe foure Elements , called the Pimple bodies ,by fetching one contrary out of another, as Light out of Darkneffcs, the Firmament out of empti- neffe, dry Earth out of Waters : then the compound bodies out of the fame Elements , and for the moll part, of all loure vnequally mingled together, eucry oneprin- cipally N