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Thefirfl Booke ofDiuitaitie, C.Ez A P. 4. Pronidcttce is his gouerning of the things created, a PALI 45. 8§,t6. b rfal.tog.,.aa. c Pfal,141.9. d Iob 49.3.- Sqt. e Luke 1>,6. nef and lawfull calling , God gaue him charge to drue and keepe the Garden. CHAP. IIII. Of `Prouidence. F TER the euerlafing Decrees of Go D,and the Creation of the World, his Kingdome thirdly ílandeth in go- uerning the things cre- ated : Both the courfe which at the firíl Creation bee fet in Nature, and the a&`ons & euents ofthings. Here- in confider wee fiat the,generalitieof this government, that it reacheth to all in generall, and to euery thing in particular,pafl,prefent,or to conic. To fet forth this more dtfiin6ly, that fo wee may make t Le better vfc of the generalitie ofhis Prouidence, it flretcheth. Firf , To all Petfons and lining Creatures , euen the vilcfi and moti contemptible :a The eyes of all things Epicures , which denic all Prouidence of God. Thofe Phi- Iofophcrs that held Nature (that is, foms Power or Vertue Spirit or Ninde, as they terme it, ming- led and inflated in- to the parts of the World , !hat holdeth vp and flir eth all things) to lice God.. Wh:rccs in truth , Nature is nothing elfe , but that courte andorder whiehGod at the fiat Creation fet in things , and which bee altereth and changeth at his pleafure, avte-r,8.3. ..pan hued) not by breadoaely, but by ewe- r), Avord thatproceedeth lookevp to thee, and thou :ueI to ;hm out ofthe mouth of IE- thcir reate, thou opened thy hand , and H o vA H. Pen every lining thirdwith thygood pleafur-e. b Theyoung Lyons roare for their prey, Peeking their rhed3t from the nightie Cod. C Flee gisteth to the Beaft?s their reate, to the young Ravens when they crie, a who prEparetb, for the Rauen his preuender, when theyoung ones make a noyfe unto the mightie god, wandering for want ofineate. e e4re trot fl littue a't