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CHAP.4. 9fProtsidencc. into a Fountaine of water. But there being a GoD that rules theWorld , it cannot with any reafonbee thought, that great things fhould bee neglected of him. Let vs therefore fee how thisDo6trine may be made good, not onely in thofe A&ionsthat are of a middle fort, but euen in the fmailef+ and of leal+ refpe6t, whichWorldliness thinks that God regards not , nor lookes not after. It was a prophane fpeech of the ci Aramites, that God is the God of the Mossntaynes, andnot of the Valleyes. Yes our God is the God euenof the Valleyes alto : hee looketh vntogreat things , and negle&ethnot the meanett. Can there be any thingof leiTe account then a Sparrow, to light vpon the ground , or a haire to fall from our head ? yet r none of there is done without him. The t' Wife- man alto molt diuinely teacheth, that the anfwere of the t2n4ue is from I E H o V A H : that is, managed and orde- red by him,that one cannot fo much as waggehis toque without his dired}ion howfoeuer his heart bee full of thoughts. David t alfo acknowledgeth, My times are in thyhand. He faith not, My whole time or courfe oflife, but, times, in the Plurali , to Phew, that euerypoint and period of ones life, euery turne and returne dependeth vponGod. Secondly, Gods Providenceisto be feene in the mot+ cafuall things, vk hich foolifh men afcribe to Chance and Fortune : The u Lots (faith S A L o M o N) arecalf intothe lap, but the aunt is from I EH o V A H. So we are taught inExodet , z that he whommen e(Ieemed tobe killed by mite-fortune , it is God that deliuerethhim into theothers hands. Hither belongeth the Exampleof i AxAB Elaine by an Arrow thatone/hat inhisfmplicitie, without anypur- pofe to hit Ahab; whofe deathnotvvithílanding in that Battell being fore-told by theProphet , fheweth , that there is nothing fo cafuall in the eyesof men , which the fe cret hand of God d©thnot dire&. What may feeme more cafuall in the ordinarie courfe of this life, then the G 3 fud. q L.x,ing. zo,:;. r, CPri.r6.z. t Pfia.31.t6. u Pro.i6.33. s Exod,:1.t'3. p 1.i*(,ings:a.34