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86 The firfi Booke ofDiuixitie, C H A P. 4. z a-i a Pfal.75.7ß b Pfal.33.5 dsc. i t 9.6.t. c Pfal.to4.z} d Amos 3.c.. e Lam.3.37,38. 47 Efay 45.7. g Deut.3z, zz, z3, z4. zt h EPOb:t4.: fudden falling and rifing of men, either in their e(latc or honour ? But yet it is moll true which z Salomon faith, that howfòcuer the rich and the poremcete together ( one commis g in anothers Head) JEHOVAH maketh them, both. And for the other, that of a Dauid is alwayes to be thought of : Promotion ccrrmseth neither from the Egli nor from the Weft, nor from the Defart ( whereupon leidea bor- dc reth North andSouth : ) but God is fudge , this manbee throwethdowse, and the other he lifter vp. Thirdly In the actions not oncly of fauour and kind- neffc , without end or number, fo noted by the Pfalrniit cryingout, b The earth isfull of the kándneffe of I EH o- V A x And, C Howfoil is the Earth ofthy Paffeions ! but further allo , afwell of judgement and vengeance as of cha?Uifement and corrc ,ion for the tryalI of his children. d Is there any euill in the Citie, which I z H o v A x worketh not ? e Out of themouth oftheHigher clothnot ettcry,both good andmill thing proceede ? f I frame light , and create darkneff e, mak e peace, and create mill: I I E H o V A H doe all thefe things. Hee that would fee more of this , let him read e Deuteronomie 28, where all the curies are heaped together, which the Lord threatneth to fend againft ked fin Yers.So he threatneth, Deut,3 2. s eA fire ie k,ind- led inmywrath, which fhall ¡write to the lortii graste , and (hall confuse the Earth,and the increafe thereof, andJhall fet onfire thefoundationsofthe mountaynea ;1will loamy cuila vpon them, and confusemine Arrows in them waftedwith famine, and eatenvp with burningcoles, and a raging pefli.. lence :The teethofBeafts will 1 altofend, with the venomof . Serpents that creepe vpon the draft. And in h E z E C H I E L, He termeth the Sword, Famine,tbe eui/1 Beail,Pe.í-frlence,hie foure mill iudgemerts, becaufe they are Pent from him. Ex. ample hereof : among many other, wee haue one moll worthy of remembrance, fudges 2. i When the Ifraeliteae left LE H o v A H, and ferued BA A L and A S H T B R O T H his wrath ma kindled agaiaß ]/reel, fo ets be deli- fared i. Tudg.z.? 4: