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88 Thefrfi Booke ofDiuinitie, CH A P. 4 with wine ; they reele ,but not withflrong drinke :for I E H o- V A H bathpawredvpon you af/iirit offlumber,and bathßut your eyes ; the eyesof the 'Prophets,andof thechiefe onesthe t Reuel 18.7. Seers hath hecouered:& in the t Reuelation,it is Paid ofthat moil fouleApoflacy,thatCod bathput into their he trt,with one content togiue their power to the Beaft. Gen.45.8. l%pb faith, It is notyou that hautefent me hither , but Godhim- felfe. Airs 2.23. Himyouhaue taken by the fore-determined counfell and fore- knowledge of God , and trayled vpon the u Cro f e . And uagaine HERoDand Po NTxvs Pi. L A T E,witb the Gentiles andpeople of lfragil, of fembled to- gether to doe wbatfoeuer thy band and thy counfell hadfore. determinedto be done. a. Sara. r 2.1 i. Thin faith I E H o- V A H, 1 will reife vp euill againfi thee out of thine ewne houfe,and taking thy Y'ines before thine eyes, will giue them to thy fellow, tehofhall lye with them before this Sunne ; al- though thou haft done itprimly yet will 1 doe this thingopenly before allffrael, and before this Sunne. The con trarie Doc- trine of this, making God an idle beholder, or a naked permitter,without hauing any flroke in thefe finfull a61i- ons , for the ruling and difpofing of them, taketh away fromhim almoa the whole glorie of the gouerncmentof theWorld : for firft, the Deuils candoe nothingelfe but finne : Therefore ifGod fhould haue no ffroke in wicked a&ions,hisProuidence could not extend to thern.Among Lpbejs.a, rnen,theiReprobate alwayes, and Gods Elegy, till they be regenerate,are wholly led by the fwayand fwindge of Satan : yea, the Regenerate themfelues, in howmany things doth he carrie them ? as he did Dauid, to Murder, and Adulterie; Lot to Inccf};Noah to Drunkenneffe, &c. And the bell of all their a6hons are flayned with focne corruption that is his, and commeth from him. But is not God hereby made the Author of finne ? God forbid. The tiltanichees indeed , when theyknew not how otherwifeto excufe him, plunged themfelues into a foule and monftr®us abfurdity:for theymade two begin..