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CHAP.+, Of Prouidence. beginnings of things ; God , fromwhom 1I goodnetfe commeth, and the Deuill,from whom 211 euill, or(which is all one) two gods, a good and an euill god. This is a horrible and a fearefull blafphemie, and flriketh at the verie roote of all Religion. But for auoyding all danger that may growhereby,it is nece(farie,firft,toknow how and in what fenfe we fay, that God bath a (broke invn- righteousand finfull aélions; not becaufehe inflilleth or powrethintohis Creatures a poyfon, which before they hadnot; or inclineth them vnto wickedneffc : ( for that were indeed to make God the author offnne) but part- ly, in that he forfaketh and lcaueth them to their owne naturali corruption, either by taking away the grace they had, or not bellowing new grace which they want, whereby they runne head -long vnto euill:partly,that he letteth Satan lodevpon him, to bee by him blinded and miffe-led, becaufe theyhaue refufed to be ruled and go_ uerned byGods Word and Spirit. To the former, thofe places are to bereferred,where he is faid to tempt or trie t them, as the HolyGhoit recordeth Y of EZ E C H I AS, Y a.Cbro.32,4 that when he dealt with theKing of Babylons Ambaffador, Godforfeokebim,trying himwhat was in his heart.AndMo- fes z in Denteronomie Remember all this way wherein I E - z Dent. 8.2. H o v A H thy Godbath led tbee nowfortieyeeres in the De- fart, that be might aflili thee , in trying what waa in thine beart,whether thotawouldeff obey his Precepts or not.So after- wards a he vpbraydeth the people, that r:otvvithflanding a Deut.29.3,4, thefe great tryals, figues and wonders which Iehouah had done for them, Yet he hadnot listen théa mind toknow,eyes tofee,&cares to heare:wherin we may not thinkeGed vn- iufl,who is indebted tonone :For whobgameveto him f rff, b andhe. al be recompenced?And who,according tohis own freepleafure , betloweth themeafure of his graces how & where hewill. I c will haue mercie,vpon whom Iwill haue c Rom.9,1 f, mercie. And is A it not lavefull for me to doe what Iwill with d Matt, 20.1 â, misse owne?Ofthelatter we haue an example,g.Kin.a 2.23. Is-