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C 14 A P. 4. Of PrOuidenCe. Lawes for others is not hirnfelfe to bee tyed to them. Secondly, Tmpuritie and corruption,a thingwolf con. trarie to the nature of God , a'ho isnot onclyholy and pure , but holynelre and puritie it felfe and fo farre off from bcing euill, that he o cannot be tempted of it, o Limes a.r3,, Thirdly , An euill and a wicked end. WhereasG o D cuermore fecketh his owncglorie , which is abfoliutely* good,and the chideGood of all. Therefore betide that the will of God is the rule of all goodneffe , the diffe- rence in thefe finfull a6lionsbetweene that bee worketh, and theworke of wicked men, lyeth plaìne,afwell in the caufe that mooueth him as in theend bee fetteth before him : and in the manner of doing all which,though they bec in refpeet of wicked men vniu(f and finfull yet as they proceede fromGod, they are moff iuff and holy; for firli by rcafon of this diuerfitie of the caufes rnoouing, andof the diners ends which thefe twoAgents,God and wicked men jet beforethem,it fallethout,tha tthe felfe. fame A&ion, which, in refpc&of the corruption ofwic- kedmen, becomtnethvnto them finfull and damnable,is as in regard of God moil holy and righteous, being led thereto for molt gracious and iuff refpeds ; either to fet forth the riches of his Tuffice and Mercie, or for the cha_ f?izement and tryall of his Children , or for forne other caufe, as he teeth good : which ends the wicked neuerfet before them, but all thecontrarie; `\ hat more bleffed or glorious work.e,and of greater loue tovs was thereeuer, or can pofl'ibly be, then the reconcilingof theWorld by the death of his Sonne ? And what more iuff, inrefpe& of God, then to infli& all thefe punifhments vpon him, who was our furetie,atìd Cooke upon him the finnes ofall the Ele&, to fatisfie for them by his fufferings ?Whereof it is that though this ahion was moil holy and good, as comming fromGod, both in refpea of the caufes, ends, matter. &manner ofdoing,yet iuffly doththe holyGhoff P call themwicked h4ndr, by whom he was nailed to the p Aar Croffeo-